marinated sardines, guacamole and nachos                     

mackerel, peaches, goat cheese and almonds

cheackpea hummus, "friggitelli" bell pepper and feta

beef tataki marinated in soy sauce, mirin, sakè, ginger with mayonnaise in wasabi flavour

Apparentely crispy egg with potatoes’ foam and anchovies


Primi piatti:

Spaghetti garlic oil and chily pepper with parmigiano cheese fondue

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese, eggplant and dry tomatoes

green gazpacho

green peas risotto and cuttlefish marinated in ginger(min 2 pers)

Homemade basil tagliatelle with straciatella cheese and tomatoes

Secondi piatti:

Octopus, basil pesto, potatoes and string beans

sea bream with bell pepper

cod fish in coconut and lemon grass soup

LAMB CHOP, tzatziki, green apple and cucumber

calf sweatbread satè in marsala wine

Special of the season:


(BEEF BURGER, lattuce, brie cheese and apricot ketchup)


Chocolate interpretations

candied celery, curry sponge cake, mascarpone cheese foam, and almond buiscuits

total white: milk panna cotta, geleè, cream and icecream, merengues and marshmallows

Mix fruit sorbets

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